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SERBIAN CLUB WINNER & BEST BLACK MALE - XIII Dobermann Cup Novi Sad - Serbia, 24/09/2011 (T. Maite Gonzalbo)

Dobermann Cup Winner 2010 & BOS - Dobermann Cup Show Banja Luka, BiH (Judge: Nadjia Timmermanns - Kadenko)

Bosnian Club Winner 2010 & Best Of Breed & Best in Show (D. Malbasa)

OLYMPIC  TROPHY HONOR , V1 R.CAC & 3rd Best Attack in Championship - Athens, Greece -7/05/2010

V1 CAC in Open Class , 'Car Constantin Dobermann Show' (P. Pezzano)

V1 CAC in Working Class - HDK Year Winner Show, Budapest, 24/10/2010 (Thomas Becht)

V1 in Champion Class - Dobermann Show Backa Palanka 2011 (R. Killmaier)

V1 in Champion Class - Serbian Championship 2011 (D. Travnikar)

V1 CAC-CACIB-BOB in Int. Show Backa Topola 2011 (SRB)

V1 CAC-CACIB-BOB-BOG in Int. Show Kanjiza 2011 (SRB)

V1 CAC-CACIB-BOB in Int. Show Jagodina 2011 (SRB)



Champion of Serbia

Champion of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Youth Champion of Serbia

Youth Club Winner in Bosnia (R. Killmaier)

Junior Club Winner in Serbia (M. Bedekovic)

Sg1 Youth Class -  Romanian Club Show (B.Z.Corsini)

V-3 in Youth Class Hungarian Club Show (R. Killmaier)

IDC 2009 Vice Couple Winner with sister Nikita

Candidate for Hungarian Champion



HD-A (Germany) BH
  vWD clear (Laboklin)   IPO-1
  DCM DNA test - negative (USA)


ZTP V 1A (T. Becht)
  PHTVL/PHPV free (D. Novak)    
  Wobbler Syndrome Negative (D. Novak)    


Nanuk, 2.5 years old

Our son Aleksa handling Nanuk after he became Club Winner & Best Black Male in XIII Dobermann Cup in Novi Sad (24/09/2011)



Nanuk, 19 months old



Nanuk's Pedigree


Terror Lewan v. Jahrestal

HD-A, PHTVL/PHPV free, Cataract free

 Youth Class Winner, 2 x CAC




Int. Ch, IPO-1, HD-A

Livonijas Baron Hero Hieronimus


It.Ch Nitro del Rio Bianco

IDC Jdg Sieger, AIAD Ch., ZTP

Nilo del Rio Bianco

Sophie del Rio Bianco

Int. Ch Paola Penelopa Piligrimas


Victor di Casa Balestrieri

Taisija iz Slavnoi Stai

Princes Phiola v. Jahrestal

IDC Sieger  Fedor del Nasi

Baron Nike Renewal

Akuna Matata de Grande Vinko

Ch. Wicky Betelges


It.Ch Nitro del Rio Bianco

Una Betelges

Kylie v. Noblesshof

HD-A, CAC Winner, Candidate for Ch. of Serbia

World Winner Come As You Are Jared

Int., Ser, Pl. Ch, Club Winner in Serbia, Romania and Hungary, IDC Class Winner 2005, HD-A, ZTP, IPO-1

It. Ch. Ardens Gauguin

Alfa Adelante del Citone

Ardens Eclipse de Luna

Come As You Are Alabama

IDC Siegerin, Int.Ch, World Winner

Baron Nike Renewal

Galaxy Gwendy

Int. Ch Rea Rebecca

SCG, Bih Ch. Derbi Winner, Vice Siegerin IPO-1, BH, IPO-2, V3 IDC 2004

Brin Ginga House

Jivago v't Wantij

IPO-3, HD-1, ZVA 1A

Ginga Sawages

Beatrice Bonfire

Yu.Ch, HD-B, IPO-1

Ondo Cobra






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