ÖDK Bundesmeisterschaft 2005 /ÖDK Federal Championship

17/09/2005 Leobendorf, A

Our two brown girls have participated at this big event which gathered more than 30 dogs from Austria, Germany, Serbia, Hungary and Czech Republic including the actual IDC World Champion.

Both of them have achieved excellent results:

Biene Maja v. Neusaddrache at Noblesshof  - ÖDK Wien Siegerin - BGH1 (93/100) 1st place

Rea Rebecca - ÖDK Wien Vice Siegerin - IPO-1 (C - 93a) 2nd place

Judges: A - Fritz Hronek (A), B- Ing. Peter Gruber (A), C - Josef Klima (SK)

Pictures of Biene Maja and Rebecca from competition

ÖDK Sieger Schau 2005 / Austria Club Winner Show 2005

18/09/2005 Leobendorf, A

Auslesebewerb: (Exc on Show + ZTP protection to become "Chosen")

Biene Maja v. Neusaddrache at Noblesshof - ÖDK AUSLESE Vice Siegerin - VA2 (C-86a)

Rea Rebecca - ÖDK AUSLESE - VA5 (C - 96a)


- Biene Maja v. Neusaddrache at Noblesshof - V2 R.CAC Intermedia Class

- Rea Rebecca - V2 R.CAC Working Class

- Excalibur v. Noblesshof - V4 Junior Class

Judge: Mr. Josef Klima, SK

Here is a short pictorial report:

Winner Announcement - Biene Maja in the left picture and Rebecca in the right picture

 Our Rebecca doing her Protection for "Auslesebewerb"

Biene Maja in "Auslesebewerb"

Biene Maja

Our girls with their trophies:


(Maja on the left and Rebecca on the right)


Our special thanks go to Mr. Martin Gschwindl and entire team ODK-OG Wien und Umgebung for excellent organization and great help before and during that beautiful two-day event!