Ecstasy of Gold v. Noblesshof was V4 in Intermedia Class, judged by Mrs. Inge Eberstaller

Biene Maja v. Neusaddrache at Noblesshof was entered on Friday's character test. According to applause she earned for her fantastic bite work and comments we received after the test, she was the best dog in protection.

>> watch a video of Biene Maja in action <<

Biene Maja was V in Working Class, judged by Mrs. Inge Eberstaller.

Excalibur v. Noblesshof

(Photos by: Poharanszki Jozsef and Tamara Kristo,

Noblesshof Team on IDC Show:

  Goran, Sofia, Dragan, Jovana with Biene Maja, Boba with Excalibur and Bojan with Ecstasy of Gold

(from left to right)