First SV Schutzhund exam in Serbia

24-25.03.2007. Novi Sad

SV Judge: Johann Nizsler

For the first time, SV BH and SchH exams are organized in Serbia, thanks to ANOJ and Novi Sad GSD Club. The SV judge came from Austria, it was Mr. Johann Nizsler. Unfortunately, that weekend was raining so much, so dogs and their leaders had very tough task to make exam in such conditions. Anyway, all of them were very successful except one female who failed in part A - tracking. Here are results of dogs trained in our Dog Training School:

Sandro v. Bad-Boll passed SchH-2
Ninno v. Huehnegrab passed BH and SchH-1
Xara v. Sofienwald passed BH and SchH-1
Anselot v. Schwarzaugen passed BH and SchH-11
Lardo v. Haus Milesevac passed BH and SchH-1
Sandra v. Liparija passed BH
Happy v. Steinhagerquelle passed BH

Xara v. Sofienwald
Anselot in the left picture and Ninno in the right pictures
Lardo v. Haus Milesevac in the left picture; BH exam
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