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We are Jovana and Slobodan, our little son is Aleksa, and we are a family dedicated to Dobermann breeding and Dog training.

Our "NOBLESSHOF" Dobermann Kennel is registered in 2002 under FCI number 4156. We are located in the northern part of Serbia, in the City of Novi Sad.

As a part of our Kennel, there is a Dog training school. We succeeded to make a good reputation for our training and we have prepared numerous dogs for working trials and breeding tests from all over the world (USA, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Netherlands etc.)

We hope you will enjoy our webpage with plenty of information, photos, videos and news from dobermann world.



Aleksa with Ch. Nikita v. Noblesshof after the European Dobermann TrophyOur goal is to breed healthy dogs with excellent conformation who can gain success in shows. At the same time,  we breed dogs with friendly, open and stable character who will be pleasant family members, yet dogs with expressed working abilities who can also be excellent in dog sport. In breeding, we are using healthy dogs, which are successful both in shows and working fields.

From the very early age, we are introducing our puppies to different levels of socialization and they make first training steps, by developing their drives and ability to cooperate. This is helpful in building their self-confidence, so they have a good start when they leave us and go to their new homes and families. The good relationship between the dog and his owner is very important , therefore we are always available to puppy and dog's owners and families with our assistance and advice in order to help them raise their four-legged friends into kind family members, but also in successful show and sport dogs. We have posted many dog training videos which are updated on a regular basis, which could help future puppy owners to continue playing and working and to enjoy every moment with their dogs together.

Nanuk and Nikita v. Noblesshof, Vice IDC Couple winners 2009


When you decide to buy a puppy or adult dog from us, you should know that we will always be there for you, stay in touch and discuss and share experiences and advices.  Also, we will give you special offer in Noblesshof Dog Training School.

We warmly welcome you if you decide to visit and meet us personally and to choose together a puppy or dog for you. We are open to all the people who share the same love to this wonderful dog breed.


Noblesshof team after one show :)

You are welcome to contact us at or by phone + 381-63-8660-596
Just few more words about us:
SLOBODAN DJUKIC -  I spent my childhood as a member of Show Jumping Horse Club, enjoying my youth days with horses and dogs who were living on Club grounds. My father was a member of the Yugoslavian Show Jumping Selection and has been a horse trainer and a judge for many years.  I also used to compete in the Show Jumping until I was 15. After finishing the Veterinary Technicians Secondary School, I became  Professional Show jumping horse trainer.


Slobodan with Charobna (Magic)

Don od NS Nadaljske with Slobodan When I was 7, I got my first dog, German Shorthaired Pointer female Anda.  In the following years I spent a lot of time learning from other dog breeders and competitors. In 1988, I met Mr. Ilija Latinovic, who learned me most of the things regarding dogs, their nature and character, as well as training. This helped me to create a unique foundation to my nowadays training method.  With Shorthaired Pointers I used to breed and compete with for 16 years. Many successful dogs were born under the kennel name "Nadaljska", and I had a chance to cooperate with some of the world's best breeders and trainers of GSPs.

During my Army days, I was in the Dog Training Center, serving as a dog trainer and helper. I became interested in working dogs and soon I passed my first IPO-1 exam in 1994. These were the years in which I was competing with Shorthairs, but also working in a dog training school and preparing dogs for working exams and different breeding tests. 


Zeus v. Dias Berg with Slobodan and Mr. Ilija Latinovic

As I already had a lot of experience, I have realized that I want to breed dogs which combine great temperament and working ability, endurance, intelligence and also are in the type of a show dog I like - beautiful and elegant athlete. All these characteristics I found in one Dobermann - Zeus v. Dias Berg - he had an outstanding character, very stable and self-confident, he was endlessly clever and had extremely high prey drive. He arrived to my training school and a year later I bought him from his owner. That's how I got involved with Dobermanns. Zeus was also special because owing to him I met Jovana.

Slobodan with Hobby v. Noblesshof in IPO trial

Slobodan as a helper on GSD Sieger show in 2008


In 2007, I became a FCI judge for the exterior. I'm a licensed helper for working dogs and I am participating in many  breeding and working tests, especially  for Rottweilers and German Shepherds.


JOVANA MILOJKOVIC - From the very early age, I was delighted with animals, especially dogs. There was always some dog at my grandparents' house, and I couldn't wait for weekends to go there and play with them. Probably the most important moment was when my Grandfather Ilija took me for the first time to see the International Dog Show when I was 11. My love for dogs has been increasing ever since. I just felt that I'd become a breeder one day. Dobermanns were my love on the first sight. I fell in love with their noble and elegant appearance, happy and friendly temperament, but also great working skills. Although I was not able to own a dog,  I collected many magazines, books and videos and  so I was really well informed in lines and other Dobermann related info.


Jovana with Biene Maja on the left and Rea Rebecca on the right

Jovana with Zeus v. Dias Berg

I had opportunity to meet one very successful brown male of that time, Multi Ch. and vice IDC Sieger GOLDY of Jealousy, and  spend many hours walking and playing with him. Also, with him I got introduced into show handling and first steps in IPO Obedience.  Later, we bought his last son, our beloved Zeus v. Dias Berg, who was 4.5 years old then. Zeus was the one who was responsible for my meeting Slobodan. So, he has a very special place in our hearts.

I enrolled in the The Agricultural Faculty of Novi Sad, the Animal Science Department - Live Stock Breeding - as I wanted to learn as much as possible about genetics, reproduction, feeding and care of domestic animals. I graduated as the best student of my generation. Also,  my graduation paper was about dogs  - "Kinology, a Branch of Livestock Breeding", as I have started a project in order to bring Kinology at the scientific level which will be studied at the Agricultural Faculty. Now, I  plan to complete my Master degree in animal reproduction, genetics and biotechnology .

Jovana and Sandro v. Bad-Boll on GSD Sieger Show in 2008Jovana and High Hope v. Noblesshof in Obedience In 2007, I became a FCI judge for G II. Together with Slobodan, I'm a leader of a successful Dog Training School, and there are many dogs that I prepare on my own. I was competing in working trials, too, with a success - in 2005 I became the Vice Champion of Austria in IPO-1 with our female Rea Rebecca.

Hopefully, I will continue with work trials in the following years. Now, my preoccupation is raising of our 1-year-old son Aleksa, cute and smart boy who brings to us happiness every day.


Mom and son :)


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